How I Legally Earned $500k Within 6 Months Frontrunning Uniswap Trads!(MEV+Arbitrage Bot)

Hi, My name is George and this is my story!

What to know?

Front-running is trading stock or any other financial asset by a broker who has inside knowledge of a future transaction that is about to affect its price substantially. What is front-running in crypto? The term “front-running” refers to the process when someone uses technology or market advantage to get prior knowledge of upcoming transactions.

You can know more by watching my video HERE


Important: I didn’t make all that in a month, it was a gradual process.

About me? I’m a Solidity and web3 developer.

How did i make so much? Read on…

After the market crash earlier this year, I was sacked by 5 Crypto exchanges and a lot of projects stopped working with me because of the market crash. I was owing rent by March but I didn’t give up. I started looking for ways to make money and I asked myself, what’s the best way to know the price of a future token or coin, then act on it. Hence I came up with the idea of a Frontrunning bot which allows me to automatically buy before others and sell immediately after they buy to make profit. All I had was 1 ETH and an internet connection. With that, I was able to increase it to 300 ETH.

The journey hasn’t quite been easy,
But I’ve made it this far and can only go further.

Out of my generosity, I shared the code as well as the step by step process in my video HERE for free. However, I’ll only update the code Up until 15th December 2022. So my method STILL Works until 15th December 2022, after which i cannot guarantee profits, this is because I’ll be traveling to Mauritius in order to avoid Winter! Mauritius is nice this time of the year. While away, i will not be able to update the code. This does not mean that the code will stop working exactly on that date but that’s the date I’ll drop the last update and profits will trickle down eventually. Thanks for understanding 🙏

Please like and subscribe to my channel as I have awesome stuff I planned coming soon. They include New Token Standard,New DEX resistant to Frontrun, A bridge between CEX and DEX, etc

*Disclaimer: Not a financial advice but my life story. DYOR.



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